Into Darkness

Cronicle 1: Story 1: Session 3: Borderlands



We have been here long enough my friend. Time to travel to the other scrap piles and increase our numbers. Either will find those worthy of joining our Pack or foot soldiers to handle the heavy lifting while we decide whats next.

(A ship falls from space) We going investigate the crash and a battle insues, with a bit of assistance from our ally Riddick we make quick work of the bandits and claim the pod as our prize, inside we find a human with advanced armor. I decide to give him a chance and let him in the pack as a omega. We slowly take the rest of the trash piles, force was not necessary. We meet a interesting alien that can build just about anything. We agree’s to join as long as we take him with us when you leave this shit hole. Zon names him “Rebel”.

We start working on gathering parts for a ship. I end up punishing a few members, if they survive the bite ill keep them. Had a run in with a dude that can control the huge worms on this planet. Ended having to fight the monster to the death. Wasnt as fun as i thought it was going to be…

Weeks later we noticed a space ship crashing. I send the worm dude and Zon to investigate. When he returned he had a pretty purple chick with him. She was unconcious. Zon mentioned flame had the worm eat her ship for some reason. sigh, its so hard to find good help these days. We also made friends with a Demon creature. He’s strong and intriges me.. I think ill keep him as long as he can keep his hands to himself pack wise.

OK so Flame fed one worm to the other then pissed the huge one off.. We ramsacked all the piles for info, members and goods and flame sent the worms as a distraction they did more then that i’d say lol. I bite a Guy named Brick that managed to get out or the demon and my grip no small feat I might add especially for a human. What do you know, He lived through the bite!! My 1st kid im excited, I have big plans.

We get the hell out of dodge, good riddens…

Kaoskris2006 Kaoskris2006

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