Into Darkness

Cronicle 1: Story 1: Session 4: Escape Velocity


Finally off that god forsaken lump of shit, however.. I can’t help but feel a inkling of dread. Those worms that were native to that planet.. what ferocious predators. Sure one or two, no sweat but as our companion found out, there is strength in numbers. They grew as they ate and became more powerful and developed a semi-intelligence. We left a titanic one there to rule, hopefully he remembers us when we run into him again. The lame pussycat remains useless as a condom in a whores purse. Once again, I was required to carry him around. Du is lucky that I’m patient because this is becoming redundant. Through the chaos of all the events that lead up to and eventual departure from that heap, there is a ray of light. Eclara. I don’t know much about her other than she is from a place far away, she highly intelligent, a scientist and that she possesses a unique power to warp matter. Being on a planet for years without a decent looking female… it… it has been to long. The warmth of her touch sure beats the hell out of the bleakness of the phantom zone. Can what I feel in my chest be considered love? boredom? temporary cessation of my lust whatever the cause I am just thankful of my heritage, I am able to keep up. Our raid on the science facility went successfully due to me in large part. From dispatching all the guards and scientists, rounding up all the access cards and capturing the head of the lab alive.. the day was won. Your welcome. I was partnered up with some hot blue woman who manipulates gravity. Why couldn’t I have a warrior with me… karma is such a dirty bitch. Speaking of the blue chick, from what I remember she seemed squishy and composed of nothing but frail bone and even weaker flesh. Just another sheep to the slaughter I guess. Next time she talks about Kal, It will be her end. My nemesis somehow found a way into my life this afternoon… Even in death he continues to mock my family. My rage will consume the stars once my body absorbs enough radiation. New Krypton will quake with my coming and all who oppose me will die. For it is fact that I am Zon, son of ZOD. All will kneel!!!!

Mother, Father, are you watching?


shit hit the fan pretty hard. first the reapers drive me off Omega, then the mass relay sends me to fuck knows where, or when i guess details are kind of sketchy. all i know is that when i came out of the relay i crashed onto this planet full of thresher worms, well i thought they were thresher worm. i was able to save my self by putting up a biotic barrier and slowing the crash. but i still got knocked out for a bit. when i came to there was this weird looking guy in rags and another guy built like a fucking redwood, unfortunately they weren’t that great to look at. oh and there was this other guy, stupid fucker that tried to make the worms give him a ride back to their base. i wasn’t having anything to do with that, i was going to ride on the bike.

when i got to there HQ things just got weirder. its the 2800’s and apparently none of the races from before i jumped are around, to make matters worse i melded with this freak daemon thing just so i could figure out what was going on. turns out were all stuck on this planet (that isn’t tuchanka) and were trying to get off in this heap of a thing this guy Rebel is putting together, but wait it gets better. remember the shit head who tried to ride the worm back? well yeah he went and created a mega worm and apparently we only have 2 days to get off the planet. the daemon guy is going to se if he can get more time. and if the other guy, flame, doesn’t help he’s to be killed. good ridings i say.

the ship is finally complete and that Zon guy is claustrophobic ha! the fuckers I’m surrounded by. yeah they’re strong as fuck but damn they have no tact. if it moves they punch it. exactly the kind of guys i had under my control bak on Omega. they have there uses yeah, but they need a leash. and the guy holding the leash, this Deucalion he’s got more sense about him and i can go with his main goal of concurring the galaxy, but his idea of the perfect race, the hybrids, is kinda crazy. i get wanting to rule over all of the universe i just ope he doesn’t get any ideas and try to make everyone a hybrid.

after we got back to the prison ship Rebel and Eclara got everything back up and running. i was checking out the database on planets from my time/place and i got to earth when Zon walked in. he lost his shit and punched me! talk about anger problems. then Eclara walks in and ask about some superman fucker and he freaks out even more. Deucalion ended up taking him down. if that happens again though and he comes after me ill put him down permanently. after that little episode we needed to figure out what we were going to do next. everyone went on about what planet to attack first. being the only reasonable one i reminded them that this ship has very little weapons, we have no army, no fighter ships, no shuttles, and no money. so we decided to make a hit on a science facility to gather some resources. we needed to put the one lion creature thing back together and get some more info and other stuff we could use for our war efforts.

the science facility was on tis small moon on its own orbital path. we hit that up and Zon and i took out the main entrance and all the guards while Deucalion and Eclara sneak in, the daemon was to disable communications. everything went smoothly. Zon and i took out all the guards and captured the head scientist and a little plaything for me, she didn’t last long. we headed to meet up with the others after that and fond out about some experiments that were going on. two sets of human experiments, a raptor creature, and a humanoid with a monkey tail. turns out all he wanted was a master. Deucalion graciously accepted.

a few weeks later the first set of twins, thats what I’m calling them anyway, were finished. their memories were wiped so we had a little work cutout for us. we split up the duties. Eclara taught them the basics of computers science and academics, Deucalion, Zon, and the daemon taught them fighting and athletic skills, i thought them piloting, cooking, social skills, and the basics of taking care of them selfs. us Asari do have natural maternal instincts. the other set of twins were set to be finished soon but there was a cruiser on its way so we had to rush the process and hope for the best. all in all it seems I’ve found a new family for now. its not without its problems and we struggle with each other constantly. but until we conquer the universe this is what I’ve got and i have to say it isn’t all that bad.


Finally done with that trash pile. If I never see another worm creature it will be too soon! The Demon is blood thirsty and cant wait to tear into something, Zon is a bit excited as its understandable he’s excited to fulfill his destiny and reclaim the honor of his parents. The new young lady Eria is a bit more reasonable and apprieciates the fact that we are not in a position to current Conquer anything. I see her point however thats not exactly true. Every resource, every piece of gear, every enemy that falls in our path brings us closer to total Dominance.

We make the transport ship inhabital, and plot our first course; Anywhere the hell away from this place. The first objective is making sure all of my elite our functioning at tip/top conditions. Riddick is a mess and Zon at this point thinks he’s worthless and should be discarded. Not just yet my friend. I see his potential. He may yet prove himself a useful companion. We will rebuild him, body and soul. We locate a Science lab on one of the isolated planets. This is a perfect place to start. Gather anyone of use and anything we can use to repair the ship. I pair up Zon and Ariea to hit the front, they had a little altercation earlier on the ship when she brought up his arch-nemesis. I had to choke him unconcious unfortunately. It’s ok my boy you will have your chance to eliminate the decendants of EL. Eclara asked me what happened and I tell everyone the story and while we dont mention that name around him. I also make sure Ariea is ok, she took a little walloping.

This will give them a chance to team up and work together within the pack. As they work together, slay together, save each other it will build trust and comradery in the pack. I had Astrid take down the communications with out doing permenant damage, and Eclara and I worked are way in from the back entrance.

All in all it went smoothly, we had Eclara reactivate commincations with the ship and informed rebel and brick that we had taken the science facility. This place is just what we are looking for. Zon brought me a scientist and I had him swear alligance to me or die. After he complied I informed him that I’d allow him to complete his work and be apart of something beautiful. First explain to me the work you are doing here. He brought me up to speed on the experiments they have been performing. They have being taking youths and totally reprogram them and give them unique powers and abilities taken from other beings. There was six tubes in all. After reading all the charts I started with the reptilian. He was still concious, so I explained my goals and intentions. I’ll set you free and give you a chance at vengence if you join me. He agreed and we set him free. His name is Sarrick and he will be very useful in the near future.

As I moved over to the next tube Dr. Qurick informs me that this individual is a Sayian; a very dangerous warrior race. “Is that so?” Lets free him and allow him to prove his worth. We take the pod outside so he doesnt make a mess in the facility as he awakens. He explodes out of the chamber in a fit of rage and flies into the air. The huge amount of power I sense from him is impressive. With the proper tutilege and guidiance he will be formidable. Astrid uses a huge gust of wind to knock him into a sky, Zon dashes above him and backhands him to me. I catch him by the throat. “You will do, im your new master, welcome to the team Jaulan!”

The two sets of twins will be Fource, Forthea, Sinco, and Sinca. The good Dr. gave me a chart with there talents and abilities on them, ill go over them while everyone chips in for there reprograming and training.

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