Into Darkness

Cronicle 1: Story 1: Session 1 & 2: The Story so far


In the year of 2015, My Grandmother; Selene and Grandfather; Michael Corvin, along with my parents David, and Eve destroyed Antigen the cooperation corrupted with Lycan infiltrators was systematically taken apart that year. The years to come were spent fighting off the humans, lycans, and rebuilding the Covens. One of the first steps in this direction was to reassemble the Death Dealers. Selene and Michael helped my mother create a method of turning mortals but only those that were terminally ill and accepted this gift of their own free will.

Our kind was accepted, not fully but not hunted openly, into society. Private wars still waged. I was born a Tri-Blood Hybrid like my mother; one of the most powerful breeds of hybrid “Trueborn”. As the years progressed the technical logical advancements we saw come to pass would amaze. From new more advanced forms of space travel to terra forming and other alien races. After the discovery of alien life of all kinds we were mostly left alone to do whatever are hearts desired. Still hunted by extremist but otherwise left to our own devices.
The year was 2660, I was on a ship scheduled to meet up with my immediate family. I had just come from a council meeting and I was exhausted. As our transport unit worked its way to our mother ship we all came under fire from a huge destroyer class star ship. Not sure how it got so close without any of the alarms systems activating but we have to buy them time to get out of here. The mother ship began to activate its warp drive system but it didn’t seem like they would have enough time. I was close enough that I could see images of Selene, Michael, and David through my mother Eve’s eyes. I diverted all remaining power to forward shields and place my rig on a collision course with the Destroyer. I sounded the alarm and had everyone abandon ship. I ran to the close room with a mirror peered in and told my mother I loved her! And in a blink of an eye, they were gone. I rushed to one of the remaining escape pods as quickly as possible and as I jettisoned myself into space there was a massive explosion as the two spacecrafts collided. I floated around in that space pod for what seemed like forever.

In the year 2832 my pod was picked up by a group of space pirates. There ended up being an altercation with a mercenary and my stasis chamber was breached. There was blood everywhere and all I could feel was the overwhelming urge to feed after my 162 years of slumber. I quickly assess the situation. Bodies lie all over the place and the merc had a pretty bad knife wound in his back. I lunged over and mauled the leader to death and the rest fled. The stranger passed out and I took him with me. I owed this guy one. He woke up a few hours later and immediately jumped into a defensive posture. I extended my hand and said “I’m Deucalion, nice to meet you” in what sounded like a British accent. That was 2 years ago and we have been traveling together ever since.

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