Aria T'loak


Things haven’t always been easy for me I suppose, never knew who my parents were or where I came from. I grew up on the streets on the Asari home world Thessia, ha! “lowest crime rates in the galaxy” they say, someone should have told me that, because thats how I got by for my first hundred years. I started out with small stuff just to get me by, stealing food and picking pockets, but as the years wore on things just got harder and I needed to do more and more just to get by. I fell in with a crowd of other street rats. I don’t even know how some of them made it on Thessia because they were all sorts of races. Our leader Raffa another Asari like me kept us together and fed, but as we grew things just got more complicated no one cares of a few children running around but young adults causing problems was another thing. Eventually we got caught and shipped off world to Omega, crime capital of the galaxy, no paper work no trail thats how they get the “lowest crime rates in the galaxy”.

Omega was a whole other kinda hell survival didn’t just mean food and shelter anymore. You needed to join a gang or make one and hope to hell you have what it takes to survive. So Raffa the others and I started our own gang. Raffa and I were already talented biotics and the rest of the crew picked up the slack in the other areas. Tex a Krogen was our enforcer, Remmi a Salarian exile handled weapons armor, and any tech issues, Fredric a humman colonist on the run for murder did our dirty work, Raffa was a damn good biotic and anyone who had a problem with us she dealt with them personally, and then theres me. My silver tongue and I could get us anywhere anytime with a few simple words and the right body language, funny thing is I never even melded with anyone at that point. I didn’t even know my possibilities were limitless yet.

After a few years and barely getting by we’ve decided it was time to make a change. We were ruing everything out of an abandoned apartment. We needed a new headquarters something that got a lot of foot traffic somewhere we could get away with anything. All the great spots were taken though, the afterlife, a bar in the main district, the market in the lower district, even space ports. Raffa had a plan though. I’ve been working as a dancer at the afterlife for a few weeks now and the owner a Krogen by the name of Dorex, a guy we knew ran the biggest gang, had an eye for me. Raffa’s plan was for her to make a scene challenge him in front of everyone convince him we had a huge stack of credits and challenge him for leadership of the his gang. Her plan worked but she had to throw herself on the table for the deal. If everything didn’t go according to plan she would be his personal plaything for the rest of her life. Next it was my part I needed to seduce Dorex and kill him while he was sleeping. Sucks it was my first time melding and it was going to be with an ugly ass Krogen, little did I know that was going to change everything.

It was time and I went to the afterlife. seducing Dorex wasn’t hard, horny bastard could barely keep his hands off me. The next part though…. well we were getting all ready for a good time, when I told Dorex that it was going to be my first time he practically exploded in his pants right there. When I embraced him ready to meld i felt a deep terrible hunger, something dark. Before I could help my self I was throwing him down on the bed and leaping on him grabbing is stupid ugly face and saying “embrace eternity”, I don’t even know why I said it it just seemed natural, then his memory’s started to flood in and it just made me hungrier and I started to focus more and more on trying to fill that hunger I didn’t even realize he was screaming. When I finally stopped blood was pouring from his eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. It was a mess. But in the end he wasn’t breathing and I now knew every little detail about his entire operation. From his memories I now knew all the ins and outs of omega every little secret swept under the rug and I knew what I was going to do next. I also knew I was no ordinary Asari that my parent were both Asari. I am Ardat-Yakshi a daemon of the nights wind.

in the morning when a bouncer came to check on Dorex I greeted him with a gun to his head. I explained to him that he “witnessed” me challenging Dorex and me killing him that I am the new owner and operator of everything that goes on in the afterlife. It didn’t take much convincing. Raffa wasn’t thrilled but within the next few weeks we went from the bottom to the top. The only thing was that the hunger was always there. Most of the time I was able to keep it at bay but sometimes I just couldn’t help myself. I kept it a secret of course if it ever got out the Justicars would hunt me down. But secrets never stay secrets on omega for very long. Eventually Raffa found out. At first she was appalled she refused to talk to me. She got over it soon enough tho and threatened to contact the Justicars if I didn’t turn over the entire operation on omega over to her. She always did over reach. Every time I melded I got stronger and more powerful. She didn’t stand a chance I blasted her with my biotics and levitated her limp body over to me. The look in her eyes when I reached out to her will haunt me forever, but damn, she sure hit the spot. My biotics were more powerful than ever.

Over the next hundred and fifty years I expanded and integrated all the gangs into mine. I owned omega. If the Justicars ever wanted to get to me they had to get through my army first. But little did I know the Justicars were the least of my worries. The god damn Reapers were what did it in for me. In the end came to Omega and whipped it off the star charts. I barely made it out alive. The only thing I could think of was to use one of the restricted mass relays and make a jump to uncharted space and hope for the best. It wouldn’t be the fist time I started out with nothing.

Aria T'loak

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